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Crew Assistant

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PostSubject: WhyHai   WhyHai Icon_minitimeWed Dec 30 2009, 19:55

If anyone's actually going to read this, then hello. I'm an avid claw fan. I used to have the game back in 2001, and after a long time I managed to advance to level 3. However my sister was the much better player and after a long battle we got past Katherine, through level 5, and up to wolvington.

Neither of us could beat him. Nor could our friends.

As a result, we put the game away, until I rediscovered it about a year ago. At that point, I managed to get up to wolvington again.

But even with the strategies you find online, I STILL couldn't beat him.

So I ended up downloading that huge pack of levels on the claw recluse to improve my skills.

I still couldn't beat him after months of playing.

So I used cheat engine to boost my health to 200. And I finally beat him. Fake accomplishment, but it's still pretty OK for me. After that, I got to level 12 with no problems (used the glitch in level 11 that lets you pass through in like 40 seconds, lol). Still, I've gotten stuck on that one part in 12, and lately I've been playing those same downloaded levels. Still haven't gotten through alll of them.

So hai.
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Claw Partner

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PostSubject: Re: WhyHai   WhyHai Icon_minitimeFri May 29 2015, 10:57

Level 12 can prove to be quite difficult, although the boss is quite easy.
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